How to get a glowing tan (even if you are as white as the snow)

We both use the same tricks to reach that stunning sunbath that our beloved summer brings, even though we have opposite skin types –Rosie has super light skin and Pats is quite dark-.… Continue reading

The Organic Spa – el templo del bienestar

Finally summer is here! It took long to arrive to Madrid, but the way it does…the beach, the trips, the drinks with friends. In this season it seems that everything tastes better, experiences… Continue reading

Bring me to Mykonos

Hi babes! Hope you are having a great week. Today we bring you a very special outfit, one of our City Inspired Looks. And as it could not be otherwise, with these beautiful… Continue reading

Black & White for a casual weekend

Good morning lovelies! These days we’ve been having semi spring weather (omg where did suddenly the summer go?!) so we got on one of our fav outfits for a chilly weekend: a black… Continue reading

Top 10 sale picks for this summer – by H&M

Happy Saturday loves! Today we bring you an insight post on summer items you can get on sale even before summer arrives! Something that seldom happens, at least in Madrid. We cannot love more… Continue reading

Work and Celebrate!

Good morning loves! Today we want to introduce you to a lovely brand we recently discovered: Vesper247. The numbers in the brand of this amazing online store are not a coincidence, you can… Continue reading

Styling a Colour Suit

  Good morning sweeties! We start the week with a very in vogue trend for these seasons, the colour suit. We don’t wear it the classical way, but that is what the colour… Continue reading

Floral Romper

Florals? In Spring? How original… Sorry Miranda, but sometimes we don’t want to be original, we want to wear what we feel like and in Spring, with all the flowers blooming, you can… Continue reading

Sorteo Alma Bloom

¡Buenos días amores! Hoy estamos súper contentas porque tenemos una sorpresa genial que daros. ¡Organizamos nuestro primer sorteo con Alma Bloom! Sí, sorteamos uno de los preciosos conjuntos de su colección Caribe, en tonalidades… Continue reading

Editorial: Blazer Dress

This week we introduce for the first time in the blog an editorial post in collaboration with the photographer Paula Méndez Orbe. All around the Blazer Dress. Esta semana presentamos por primera vez… Continue reading